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1000 Scholarships from India for Afghan students for the academic year 2017-18

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1000 Scholarships from India for Afghan students for the academic year 2017-18

The Government of India continues to offer 1000 student scholarships (ICCR) to the Afghan nationals under the Special Scholarship Scheme for pursuing Undergraduate, Postgraduate and M.Phil/Ph.D courses.

The Scheme is jointly implemented by Ministry of Higher Education, Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Embassy of India in Kabul and its four consulates in Heart, Jalalabad, Kandahar and Mazar-e-Sharif. The process for the selecting the Afghan students for the academic year 2017-2018 has commenced.

All desirous candidates are requested to approach Scholarship Division, Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) for seeking further information on procedure to apply for the scholarship for the academic year 2016 and pursue their goals in quest of knowledge in India.

The details of contact point in the MoHE are as under:
1. Naweedullah Naweed
Head of Undergraduate Scholarship Management Office
Ministry of Higher Education
Email: naweedullahh@gmail.com
Office: 020 25 10 580

2. Abdul Raouf Vedi
Head of Postgraduate Scholarship Management Office
Directorate of Foreign Relation & Cultural Affairs
Ministry of Higher Education
Email: raouf.vedi11@gmail.com
Office: 020 25 11 405

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  1. Stanikzai
    Stanikzai 24 November, 2016, 08:55

    I am Hameed i want to be specialized in or be economit of the month

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  2. Daudzai
    Daudzai 31 December, 2016, 08:04

    DA Afghanistan Hagha Khra Che pa Parlement ke nast de Ela hagho ta da scholorship orase da mordagawan kho ye kharsawe Ghareeb kho ye nashe akheste da scholorship

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    • Aman
      Aman 12 June, 2017, 01:21

      Your right bro 100% when ever from every country’s cholarships are coming so they are directly give to parliament members then they porches scholarship $3000 it.s impossible to take poor person

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  3. Niamatullah
    Niamatullah 15 January, 2017, 11:53

    I want to apply in MA and study in India.

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  4. Mirali baran
    Mirali baran 18 January, 2017, 08:52

    How i can apply for the indian scholarships?

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  5. Hajat
    Hajat 13 February, 2017, 10:56

    When 2017 scorship of your come to kabul

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  6. Zubair Ahmed
    Zubair Ahmed 1 May, 2017, 23:40

    I want to apply for indian scholarship.
    Please tell me the method of getting the form.

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  7. rahimi
    rahimi 2 May, 2017, 19:25

    how can i apply for pakistan scholarship

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  8. wayar
    wayar 6 June, 2017, 00:37

    how i can apply for this scholarship.

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  9. Aman
    Aman 12 June, 2017, 01:14

    I.am sami ullah I want to apply india scholarship for BBA
    so I. Have kindly request from you how can I apply online to india scholarship
    thank you

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  10. Ali Surosh
    Ali Surosh 29 June, 2017, 20:52

    I want to apply for the India’s scholarship

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  11. Niazai
    Niazai 21 July, 2017, 16:37

    Please give information about 2017 year that when you are announcing the scholarships I mean the date please

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  12. Alokozay
    Alokozay 26 July, 2017, 08:22

    I am new graduate student for school and I wanna continue my university at india

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  13. Faqiri
    Faqiri 29 August, 2017, 12:22

    I wont to apply

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  14. Ruqaya
    Ruqaya 30 August, 2017, 12:32

    I am interested to apply for master degree

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  15. Ruqaya
    Ruqaya 30 August, 2017, 12:48

    I want apply for master degree so please guide me

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