51 development projects completed in Samangan province

by Wadsam | December 26, 2015 11:21 pm

The National Solidarity Program (NSP) of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) completed 51 development projects in Khoram-wa-Sarbagh Samangan province.

The projects were implemented at a total cost of 68,657,000 AFN with 10% contribution from the local community.

Retaining wall[1]

According to NSP Provincial Manager in Samangan province, these projects include the construction of a four classroom-school building, 19 community centers, four safe water reservoirs, a 1,893- meters long retaining wall, a micro hydro-power station capable of generating 13.5 KW energy, a 130-meter irrigation canal, three bridges, public bathrooms, culverts, extension of a 18,480-meter water supply network and gravelling of a 5,000-meter rural road.


Approximately, 8,813 families in different communities have benefited from these projects.

Since its inception in Samangan province, the NSP has been able to execute 1,514 infrastructure projects in different sectors such as transport, water and sanitation, irrigation, power, livelihoods, education, etc while the work on another 150 is currently in progress in various communities.

Samangan Province Khoram Wa Sarbagh District[3]

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