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A good year for Kanadahar orchard owners

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A good year for Kanadahar orchard owners

Farmers in southern Kandahar province are enjoying a high production of grapes this season, with the prices of the grapes soaring.

The farmers said that the improved production was due to favorable weather conditions and good advice from agriculture experts to farmers.

Provincial head of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries Nasrullah Zaheer said 140 trucks of grapes had been exported to Pakistan over the past 15 days.

A crate of grapes, carrying 8-10 tons of grapes, costs between Rs 3,000 to 3,500 in Pakistan.

They still face problems in Pakistan despite the trade transit accord signed between Pakistan and Afghanistan. However, the agreement is not totally implemented and enforced.

“When we export fruits to Pakistan, trucks are thrice loaded and unloaded which affects the quality and quantity of fruits. Sometimes a few of the crates are stolen by local soldiers or workers. The hot weather also damages fruits,” said Mr. Zaheer.

Exporters complained to the government about inadequate transportation facilities. Mr. Zaheer called on the government to provide them transportation facilities to the Wagah border.

Last year, Afghan traders exported grapes to Dubai but the airfare and taxes were too thigh.

Flights from Kandahar International Airport had doubled this year and many aircraft would transport fruits to foreign countries, said the head of the airport, Ahmadullah Faizi.

There are plans to set up a cold storage facility at the airport with financial support from the USAID. The facility would cost about USD 20,000 with a capacity of storing 70 tons of fruits.

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