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Canadians launch a survey of gas reserves in Herat

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Canadians launch a survey of gas reserves in Herat

Canadian experts along with their Afghan counterparts have launched a survey to identify the extent of fuel reserves in northern parts of western Herat province.

The reserves were discovered in Kashk-e-Kohna, Rabat Sangi and Gulran district, bordering Turkmenistan and Iran.

According to a statement of a local official, the Canadians left the site after working for a month due to insecurity. However, the experts would return to the site next week.

The Canadians has also conducted a 75-day survey in the Andkhoi district of northern Faryab province, carried out by the Afghan government at a cost of USD 7mn.

Ministry of Mines received the results that were sent to the United Arab Emirates and India, showing that Andkhoi has the largest gas reserves in Northern provinces.

Mines Minister Waheedullah Shahrani said the bidding process would be completed in nine months, with renowned international firms participating in the bidding. The extraction license would be issued to the highest bidder.

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  1. Sayed Elyas Kawish
    Sayed Elyas Kawish 8 November, 2012, 14:16

    Good news for Herat and Afghanistan Oil and Gas industry. Herat and specifically its northern districts had always suffered from insecurity; i.e., the Salma Dam project in Chesht district is still not completed. I hope this time, Afghan Government along with international donors/contractors take insecurity as a major factor for a successful delivery of the project. Setting behind a desk and start writing RFPs, do the bidding and awarding the contract to a contractor just DO NOT make the project to be successfully delivered. The program directors should always take insecurity into consideration and before any decision try to find a reliable and attainable solution.


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