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Corruption and Embezzlement- Afghanistan and International Community’s Major Concern

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Corruption and Embezzlement- Afghanistan and International Community’s Major Concern

Afghan government has requested the international donors to provide them the list of prominent officials with whom they have signed highly profitable contracts. This request comes amid serious efforts that the Afghan government must make to curb corruption—the international community’s biggest concern.

The international community pledged an aid package of USD 16bn at the Tokyo Conference conditional upon Afghan government’s measures against corruption and embezzlement in order to ensure transparent management of the funds. President Karzai also accused the international community for signing major projects with Afghans who have closer ties with higher government officials.

An official from the Afghan government, who wants to remain anonymous, has told the Reuters that we, as part of our anti-corruption activities, have requested the British Embassy, the American Embassy and the NATO officials to give us a list of contractors who are associated with high Afghan government officials. “We plan to fight against corruption both inside the government and outside of it.”

According to a report from the office of International Transparency (TI), based in Berlin, Afghanistan is one of the countries where corruption is widespread. Majority of the million dollars worth infrastructure projects have been granted to those who have close ties with Karzai’s family. And, this issue has hurt the Afghan president’s popularity.

President Karzai post the Tokyo Conference gave his commitment to tackle corruption from top to bottom in his government.

Aimal Faizi, spokesperson to President Karzai, said that Karzia’s order of eradicating corruption will soon be signed and become officially applicable. He denied the reports that apparently a number of cabinet ministers and governors will be dismissed due to corruption and embezzlement.

Mr. Faizi added that every Ministry will be entrusted the responsibility to make reforms in any administration where there is corruption.

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  1. Shahzad Aryobee
    Shahzad Aryobee 26 July, 2012, 09:05

    I have a strong request from President Karzai concern his commitment in Tokyo conference that will fight against corruption. First it is very big shames for us that we are doing commitment for Int. Aid that give us this much money we will fight against corruption. Why we are not doing for this for our country, for our people and for stability. Mr. President if you are really serious about to fight against corruption, please don’t fight against corruption…. it is very easy just remove the corrupted people around you, your office, from your cabinet, the governors and some other. For sure the corruption will take out immediately……. We are very hopeless and this time will see what our Mr. President will do against these people.

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  2. john gray
    john gray 28 July, 2012, 11:50

    Thanks for reporting this!
    Corruption is today a world-wide phenomenon.and corruption can be seen everywhere, all over.Corruption all country is a consequence of the nexus between Bureaucracy, politics and criminals.
    fight against corruption

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