Food products prices escalating in Kabul as Eid is approaching

by Wadsam | August 17, 2012 6:34 am

[1]Kabul residents have complained about the prices of commodities rising two-fold as Eid days are approaching.

“Two days are left for Eid and the prices have already gone up by 45%.”

“My name is Mohammad Aslam. Prices are two high. People cannot afford to buy anything. Prices differ in different areas.

Prices are not controlled. Shopkeepers set their own prices and sell things to customers.”

Households on Eid occasion buy dry and fresh fruits for better reception of their friends and relatives.

While some households have been deprived of purchasing fruits due to high prices, shopkeepers are much satisfied about their businesses.

“Prices are higher compared to last year. Before a kilo of raisins would cost 160 AFN, today it is 280 AFN. Similarly, almonds were sold at 430 AFN per kilo before, now they cost 600-700 AFN. The reason is that traders keep the goods with themselves until Eid days approach closer and then sell the goods to us at much higher prices,” said a shopkeeper in Mandai.

While Kabul residents want the government to step in and control the prices, officials from Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) have said that in accordance to the constitution, ACCI do not have the authority to interfere in the market prices.

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