Gold, fuel prices down in Kabul

by Wadsam | July 27, 2012 6:29 am

[1]Gold and fuel prices declined in Kabul during the outgoing week.

A liter of petrol was at 57afs compared to its last week’s price of 58 afs. Diesel rate decreased from 57afs to 56afs, while liquefied gas stayed stable at 40afs a kilo, the same rate as last week.

One gram of Arabian gold was sold at 2,150 afs, down from last week’s price of 2,200afs. The same quantity of Iranian variety sold for 1,800afs against its last week’s price of 1,850afs.

The prices of commodity goods, however, remained stable during the outgoing week.

The Food Traders’ Union Chief, Haji Fazl Rahman, said a 50-kilogram bag of Brazilian sugar cost 2,020afs, a similar quantity of Pakistani rice 3,100 afs, and flour 990afs, the same as last week.The price of a 5-kg tin of Momin ghee edged up from 420afs to 430afs, a kilo of African black tea sold for 200afs and the same quantity of Indonesian green tea for 170afs.

But wholesale prices varied from retail rates in parts of the city. Samiullah, a shopkeeper in the Dahn-i-Bagh area, sold a 50-kg sack of Pakistani rice for 3,400afs and a 50-kg bag of Brazilian sugar for 2,200afs.

Moneychanger Ahmad Shah said the buying rate of a US dollar was 51.72 afs, while 1,000 Pakistani rupees accounted for 547afs.

Last week’s exchange value of the greenback stood at 51.50 afs and 1,000 Pakistani rupees at 543 afs, he said.

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