Jawzjan Bakery and Confectionery Businesses Have Switched to Gas System

by Wadsam | August 28, 2012 10:09 am

[1]Despite the poor facilities at Jawzjan’s Department of Health, the Department has managed to replace combustible materials like coal and wood used in restaurants and bakery and confectionery shops with liquid gas.

“Two reasons why we arrived to the decision of using gas system- we wanted to protect the environment that was constantly polluted by the excessive use of coal and wood and to prevent cutting of trees,” said Abdul Qahir Bezhan, Head of the Department of Health.

In addition to this initiation, the Department of Health with collaboration from other government organs has been successful in discovering 70kg of rotten fish in Sheberghan market and getting rid of them before they were sold.

Jowzjan Department of Health has recently initiated several measures towards improving the environment. The Department calls on the resident to support them with the implementation of these measures.

Environmental concerns are becoming widespread in Afghanistan, mainly in Kabul city. Other cities faced with environment issues are Herat, Balkh and Sheberghan.

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