The expensive live bands add to the high cost of weddings in Afghanistan

by Wadsam | December 20, 2012 7:31 am

uranoos hotel[1]In addition to other fees and expenses of the crippling wedding ceremonies in Afghanistan, the high cost of live bands is another problem that many Afghans are worried about.

According to some residents in Kabul, some band singers charge as much as USD 1,000 (equivalent to 50,000 AFN). And, some singers who have gained popularity through video albums on local TV channels charge USD 4,500 (equivalent to 225,000) for singing at weddings.

“These singers have become artists to entertain people, and therefore must consider people’s economic situation before demanding such a high price.”

Meanwhile, a number of artists said that singing in Afghanistan has turned into a business.

Rasool Zamri, one of the experienced artists of the National Radio Television, called the residents’ complaints baseless and accused them for the unaffordable fee charged by the singers.

“Today’s young artists travel to foreign countries, like Tajikistan, to film their song album. They spend USD 10,000-20,000 for making the album, hiring the dancers and traveling to foreign countries. These singers are obliged to charge a high fee for singing at wedding in order to meet their expenses. Our people’s fault is that they judge these singers as popular based on their fancy song videos filmed in the clubs and bars. Therefore, the culture of charging a high rate has become popular among singers.”

Given the open market system in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Information and Culture is unable to interfere in the business of the artists. However, the officials said they would hold a meeting with the music department and a number of singers.

“Regarding this issue, we are hosting a meeting of high council in January. Representatives of the artists union will be invited to attend the meeting. We will attempt to decide on a maximum rate that the singers should charge. The public will be informed of the decided rate through the media.”

According to reports, as many as one million young Afghans are single due to the high costs of the wedding ceremonies.

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