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Uplift projects executed in Badghis province

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Uplift projects executed in Badghis province

BadghisTwo schools and a hospital were inaugurated in Qala Naw city of Badghis province, said officials.

The three projects were funded by the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) of Spain.

Governor’s spokesperson Sharafuddin Majidi said the two-story hospital was built at a total cost of USD 399,000.

The two schools were built at a cost of USD 800,000.

Situated in the West of Afghanistan, Badghis has witnessed relatively fewer development projects in the past few years.

The dwellers called on the Afghan government to focus on the development of the districts of Badghis as well and undertake reconstruction projects all across the province.

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  1. Sayed Elyas Kawish
    Sayed Elyas Kawish 13 April, 2013, 04:04

    “Two schools and a hospital were inaugurated in Qala Naw city of Kunduz province, said officials.”

    Please change “Kunduz” to “Badghis”.


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