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Has Apple lost it?

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Has Apple lost it?
Bernard Marr-Best-selling business author and enterprise performance expert
Apple Inc. clearly is a great business success story, or is it? It is one, if not THE, most successful company on the planet with a balance sheet that is currently showing 120-or-so billion dollars of cash.

With innovations such as iPhone, iTunes and iPad it has completely transformed the way we use our phones, the way we buy music and basically created a tablet market that most of us never thought existed. It has not only delivered great product innovations but also become a global branding, product launch and customer service benchmark. What’s more, the way it operates its growing number of retail stores has become the envy of the market.

In my latest article ‘Does MONEY come FIRST in business? Not according to Apple!’ I discuss why companies need to focus on the drivers of success such as customer experience, product innovation, branding, employee engagement etc. Instead, what I see in practice is that many just focus on bottom line performance or top-line growth without paying enough attention to the things that will generate revenues and profits in the future.

Anyway, I use Apple as an example because the late founder of Apple Steve Jobs has always made it clear that product innovation and customer experience is what Apple should focus on and if they are getting that right profits will follow naturally. While many agreed, I had a lot of comments from people saying Apple is not a good example because today they are all about money, too greedy, etc.

I have to say that as a company I admire Apple and I am I fan of their products but I also feel they are starting to take their eye off the ball a little with all their patent disputes, tax issues, mapping software failures, etc and I feel that Samsung with their latest products is looking to have the innovation advantage.  But what do you think? What’s your view on Apple? Do you love or hate them? Do you think Samsung is catching up? Do you think we will be using Apple as the beacon of performance in 10 years time?

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