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Jobs for the long run

UNEMPLOYMENT is high, and the longer people are unemployed the longer they are likely to stay that way. Eventually, they may become discouraged and drop out of the labour force. So what can be done? The economic infighting about whether

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Chinese businesswoman life imprisonment

Wu Ying, the once 6th richest woman in the world, had originally received a death sentence for financial fraud and illegal fund raising. She has now been given a two-year reprieve. China’s supreme court’s decision of her death sentence was

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Kabul airport taxiway to be launched

Construction on the international standard taxiway at the Kabul airport was launched on May 22, 2012. The project, funded by Japan, is worth USD 27 million (1350 millions afs). The taxiway would be 44 meters wide and 5.4 kilometers long,

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