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Reebok India alleges $233m fraud by former employees

Reebok India has lodged a police complaint against former managing director Subhinder Singh Prem and ex-chief operating officer Vishnu Bhagat accusing them of commercial and financial irregularities. The firm alleged that the two set up secret warehouses, fudged accounts and

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Indian rupee plummets to historic low against dollar

                                                                                                    The Indian rupee has continued its downward slide of the past few days and hit an all-time low against the dollar in early trade on Wednesday. The Indian currency fell to 55.82 rupees against the US dollar, down from

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Afghan ministers summoned by the Senate

Finance, Commerce and Economics Ministers were summoned to the National Assembly on 22 May 2012  to address the issue of the lagging economy of Afghanistan. Afghan Senators expressed their concern regarding economic situation of Afghanistan. “Afghanistan has not reached the

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