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New Keshim to Faizabad highway inaugurated

The newly built 103km highway, which was inaugurated on Tuesday, from Keshim to Faizabad has been a fortune for the Badakhshan province. The project was funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and it vastly facilitates travel

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The G20 Summit Talks Encouraged Barack Obama

US President Barack Obama was encouraged by the G20 Summit in Mexico. The Summit had laid out bold and decisive actions needed to tackle Europe’s debt crisis. “What I have heard from European leaders during these discussions, they understand the

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Recommendations for Economic Development from NGOs

At a meeting arranged by the Afghan-German and Freidrich Ebert Foundations in Kabul on Tuesday, some independent non-governmental entities proposed suggestions with respect to economic development that they want them to be placed before the Tokyo conference. The Afghan-German Foundation,

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