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Singletons: The attraction of solitude

THE Prada-toting protagonists of “Sex and the City”, a once-popular American television show about single thirty-somethings in New York, are unlikely role models for Middle Eastern women. The second movie spin-off was partially set in Abu Dhabi, but the authorities

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France Putting Pressure on Greece

French President Francois Hollande is pushing Greece to meet the demands by international creditors in order to receive the second tranche (worth 33.5bn Euros)  of its bailout. Greek leader Antanois is seeking for more time to introduce reforms needed to

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Venezuela’s main refinery tore through by an explosion

A huge explosion, caused by gas leak, at Venezuela’s biggest refinery, Amuay, resulted in killing 30 people, wounding dozens more and halting operations at the facility. The refinery, one of the biggest in the world, produces 645,000 barrels a day.

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