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Afghan police arrested for looting money from bank

Two policemen in eastern Nuristan province have been arrested with 9mn AFN stolen from a branch of Da Afghanistan Bank. Governor Tamim Nuristani said investigation has been initiated and the culprits shall be brought to justice soon. Nuristan provincial police

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Poor face choice between food and medicine as winter sets in

In the gray light of each cold dawn, the parents of 10-month-old Shoaib hold their own breath as they listen for the rasp of his, waiting to see whether their coughing, feverish little boy has survived another night. Winter’s chill

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Clinton stresses on regional economic integration of Afghanistan

Delivering a speech on “Economic Statecraft” at the Singapore Management University, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton underscored the importance of regional economic integration for Afghanistan. As the deadline for NATO-led troops withdrawal is drawing closer, forging stronger economic ties

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