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Banker transfers 22 million Euros accidentally while napping on keyboard

While taking a nap on his keyboard, a German bank employee accidentally transferred 22mn Euros order in place of a minor transfer of only 62.40 Euros. He fell asleep for an instant, while pushing onto the number 2 key on

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Delay in Ghazni’s 2013 development projects

Residents in Ghazni province are concerned about the postponement facing the development projects planned for Ghazni for the year 2013. Completion of projects including an airport, power, two hotels and canalization are yet to be started. Ghazni was officially declared

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Road Reconstruction in Post-Conflict Afghanistan: A Cure or a Curse?

After the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001, the United States and the international community announced their full support for rebuilding Afghanistan’s infrastructure and bringing a sustained peace to the war-torn country. Since then, Afghanistan has become a major

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