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Grape production drops in Herat

Officials of the Agriculture Department in Herat province have reported that grape production has declined by 30%. The severe winter in the beginning of the year has been cited as the main reason behind the drop in grape production. Herat

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Purdue Helps Bring Back Education in Afghanistan

When Kabul University reopened after the fall of the Taliban in March 2002, Purdue University professors Kevin McNamara and Zarjon Baha were invited to attend the opening with Purdue alum Dennis Engi. They met faculty who had no lab experience,

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10% decline in Herat’s customs revenue

Officials of Customs Revenue Department have reported of a 10% decline in Herat’s customs revenue this year. According to the officials, Herat earned 11 billion AFN in customs revenue in the past eight months, which is 10% lower than previous

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