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Foreign firms warned to pay taxes to Afghan government within a month

The Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) has given a deadline of one month for 15 foreign companies to pay taxes in line with the country’s law of land to the government. AISA Director Wafiullah Iftikhar said foreign companies must abide

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Have a Question About the Afghan Elections? Ask an Afghan Citizen Journalist

Paiwandgāh, the online citizen journalism platform for Afghans, has launched its “Ask a Question” (http://paiwandgah.af/en/take-action/ask-a-question/) section to allow audiences around the world ask Afghan citizen journalists questions about the 2014 presidential and provincial Council elections. With the presidential election just

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Groundbreaking ceremony for Balkh province administrative building

The Provincial Council of Balkh province celebrated the groundbreaking of a new administrative building in Mazar-e Sharif on Tuesday.  The ceremony marks the start of a three-component project for strengthening the ability of the Provincial Council to fulfill its administrative

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