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China offers USD 327mn in aid to Afghanistan through 2017

China has pledged USD 327mn in aid to Afghan government following a meeting on Tuesday between China’s President Xi Jinping and his Afghan counterpart Ashraf Ghani. The aid commitment, running through 2017, comes as US troops are withdrawing and Afghanistan

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US Senators push for conditional aid to Afghanistan

According to a report prepared by the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the senators plans to send billions in aid to continue funding Afghanistan’s reconstruction process. The aid will be, however, conditional upon Afghan government’s specific reforms aimed at curbing

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Afghanistan rolls out red carpet for Chinese investors

President Ashraf Ghani on his first day of official 4-day visit to China met with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping to confer on economic and political cooperation. The parties discussed expansion of bilateral cooperation in the spheres of security, economic,

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