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India committed to rebuilding Afghanistan

India has once again underscored its commitments to support Afghanistan in its rebuilding process. The Delhi Policy Group, an independent think-tank, in its annual report titled ‘Afghanistan 2015: The Quest for National Unity’ has highlighted ideas and recommendations for maintaining

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IMF projects a 3.5% growth rate for Afghanistan in 2015

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) in its revised regional economic outlook for the Middle East, North Africa, Afghanistan and Pakistan (MENAP) has predicted Afghanistan’s economic growth rate to overtake Pakistan’s in 2016. Afghanistan’s economic growth rate is projected at 3.5%

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UAE to shut down 600 Afghan businesses

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), the hub for many businesses around the world, has given a 2-week deadline for 600 Afghan businessmen to wind up their businesses and leave the country. Afghan government confirms the situation and is soon visiting

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