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Industrial Conference and Exhibition in Herat

The Herat Industrial Union (HIU) held an exhibition of local products on May 19-21 at the Mawlana Hall in Herat province. Nearly 65 kinds of local products were displayed in 75 booths at the exhibition. The exhibition aimed both to

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A new bridge connecting 16 villages to district centre opens in Khulm, Balkh

A new bridge opened in the village of Khwaja Burhan in Khulm district in Balkh, connecting 16 villages with the district centre. Villagers now have quick and safe access to healthcare, schools, markets and administrative facilities. The costs of construction

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Over 193mn Afghani worth of bank notes deteriorating

Officials from Afghanistan’s Central Bank, Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB), said over 193mn Afghani worth of bank notes are deteriorating before their shelf-life. Afghani paper money is supposed to have a shelf-life of three years, but a large amount of the

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