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World Bank Group and Kabul Municipality launch efficient construction permit system

IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, has helped Afghanistan’s Kabul Municipality develop a simpler, more efficient construction permit system that has significantly cut red tape and processing times, and increased private investment in the city’s construction sector. The

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Afghanistan, Azerbaijan discuss creation of joint enterprises

Afghanistan’s Ambassador to Baku Mohammad Taqi Khalili and Azerbaijan’s Economy Minister Shahin Mustafayev discussed creation of joint enterprises. The two parties exchanged views on construction of a cement plant in Afghanistan and the joint production of cotton. They also mulled

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India interested in importing lentils from Afghanistan

India wants to import lentils from Afghanistan to meet its local demands, according to Indian news agencies. Amar Sinha, India’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, said Afghanistan would be a good source to import lentils from. “Lentils are part of our

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