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Conor McGregor Punches Old Man in the Face

Khabib states that Conor has “lost his mind” after reports of Conor punching an old man in a pub over a dispute of his whiskey. McGregor was in South Dublin at the Marble Arch boozer on April 6th. The CCTV

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Iran & Afghanistan Discuss Energy Ties

A delegate from Iran’s Energy Ministry arrived in Kabul on August 17th to talk with Afghan officials about the future of energy ties between Iran and Afghanistan. Deputy Energy Minister for Electricity of Iran Homayoun Haeri led the delegation and

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New Investments Worth Millions of Dollars to be Made in Afghan Cement Factories

Afghan Ministry of Mines and Petroleum have reported about progress made in discussions on major investment projects worth USD 350 million. The projects include investment in second phase of Jabal Siraj cement factory (USD 170 million) and Samangan cement factory

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