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90% of Herat’s saffron exported to foreign countries

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90% of Herat’s saffron exported to foreign countries

saffronHerat has exported 90% of saffron to European countries like France, Italy and Spain and the United Arab Emirates during the outgoing year.

Three tonnes of saffron were produced from 700 hectares of land in 2012, compared with two tonnes in 2011, said Director of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock Faqir Ahmad Bayangar. (Pajhwok Afghan News).

The price of one kilogram of processed saffron in Afghanistan is up to US$3,000 and regionally it can reach as high as $6,000. The international price of saffron reaches up to $8,000 dollars.

The spice is certainly a lucrative business to the farmers and its ability to be grown in a dry environment; it may be a viable alternative for the poppy cultivation in the country.

The plant is drought resistant and only needs irrigation twice or three times a year, compared to poppy plants irrigated six times a year. Another advantage is that growing saffron is legal in Islam, unlike poppy that is prohibited.

Saffron is currently produced in 23 provinces, with Herat bearing the highest level of saffron cultivation in the country.

It is normally cultivated in summer and collected in the last month of fall. It is used to making medicines, add flavour to food, appetizers, hot drinks and making perfume. It grows best in areas with light winter weather and dry, hot summers.

Saffron is yet to emerge as a major alternative to poppy cultivation in Afghanistan due to the presence of international drug lords, who control the lucrative drug commerce.

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  1. Bakul
    Bakul 7 March, 2013, 12:32

    Dear Sir:

    The article has good information regarding saffron. The farmers of saffron can grow more saffron like Kashmir, India and Iran. It has more value and will help to farmers/growers for their better life.

    I would to import saffron to USA.

    Is there any way to get a list of farmers/growers?


    NJ USA

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  2. Mohammad Naveed
    Mohammad Naveed 30 March, 2013, 13:40

    Dear sir/Madam
    This is Mohammad Naveed
    i would like to export saffron to Italy we want to contact with Italian saffron buyers
    Thanks and best regards

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  3. Qais Ahmad
    Qais Ahmad 24 May, 2013, 19:26

    Hi, It’s so nice to hearing that Afghanistan has been started exporting Saffron to all countries of the world. Although, the insurgence and enemies has put a black stump on our cultivation’s name recently. The world believing that our country has been producing 90% of narcotics but anyways, we can encourage our formers to sow more saffron in Afghanistan this will effect both on our economic and reduce the the cultivation of drug and narcotics from the grate land (Afghanistan).
    Finally, I can cooperate with anyone who wants to export and import Saffron to any of the european countries so please do not hesitate to contact me regarding any question and help about export and import.

    Qais Ahmad/ Malmo, Sweden

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