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A Young Afghan Reaching Out to Those in Need

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A Young Afghan Reaching Out to Those in Need

Project Amina is a project specifically designed to provide help for the distressed women and children in Afghanistan, especially widows and orphans. This project ensures the distribution of goods, such as food, blankets and clothing, to those in need.

Project Amina aims to grow a reliable team of donors in the United States, Canada and Europe, along with a reliable team of aid distributors in Afghanistan.

Here is what the founder, Zubair Trabzada, has to say regarding the purposes and goals of this project:

“Amina is my beloved mother’s name who passed away in 2004. She was a generous woman with a big heart and desire to help people as much as possible. I started this project because I wanted to keep her legacy alive and more so help the people of my beloved country Afghanistan. Afghanistan has been through decades of war and has brought millions of people to poverty and hardship. As a person who has been blessed with so many beautiful gifts in this life, I felt it was my responsibility to reach out to those in need.

The main goal of this project is to help the people of Afghanistan, specifically women and children whose husbands and fathers have died during the wars. I hope to help as many people as possible through this project, and set an example to the younger Afghan generation so they realize that we can bring a good change for the better future of our country.”

You can send an Email to projectamina@gmail.com , if you have queries regarding the project and the funding process.

You can also visit the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Project.Amina/info

It is time for the younger generation of Afghanistan to take the initiative and help bring a change. As the famous saying goes, “drop by drop makes a river”, so why not start small and see a bigger change!

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