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Afghan budget for next year presented to the Senate

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Afghan budget for next year presented to the Senate

The draft for next year’s budget, with a total outlay of 366.2bn AFN, was submitted to the Senate for debate on Tuesday.

According to the Constitution, the state budget and development plan of the government are submitted through the Meshrano Jirga (Senate) along with advisory comments to the Wolesi Jirga (House of Representatives).

As approved by the Wolesi Jirga, the new fiscal year will begin on 21 December 2012 instead of 22 March 2012.

The general account for the new fiscal year is projected at 196.bn AFN, showing a 46% increase, and the development spending at 170bn AFN, signifying a rise of 47%.

Finance Minister Hazrat Omar Zakhilwal, addressing at the Senate session, said the new budget would focus more on the implementation of infrastructure projects in the country, including health, education, mines, power, and agriculture sectors.

He added that 72% of the general budget would be spent on funding salaries, 14% on procurement and services and the rest on government expenses.

The proposed accounts are 119bn AFN more than the current year’s budget.

The hike in the volume for the new budget is based on the agreement between Afghan government and the international community at the Tokyo Conference to accelerate infrastructure developments in the country.

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  1. Najibullah Mojaddidi
    Najibullah Mojaddidi 1 December, 2013, 21:04

    Over 50% of the budget goes to corruption, so take away 3 billion dollars out of this budget, start bringing corrupt people to justice.

    2nd, barrow 20 billion from UAE and make them 49% partner of oil fields in the north.

    3rd, cut some of your ministerial wish list as they do not have the capacity to spend

    4th, peace with the Taliban so that you don’t spend billions of dollars to kill your own brothers

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