Afghan government dismisses SIGAR’s report on Afghanistan’s corruption

by Wadsam | February 14, 2013 11:54 am

SIGAR[1]The Afghan Ministry of Finance has denied remarks in SIGAR’s latest quarterly report, stating corruption in the country hampering Afghanistan’s reconstruction efforts after influx of billions of dollars of aid.

While acknowledging the presence of some degrees of corruption in government departments, Afghan officials insist that the institutions have the capability to spend international aid property and in a transparent manner.

According to the Afghan Finance Ministry spokesman Wahidullah Tawhidi, the government has been more effective in spending the foreign aid compared with non-government organizations.

“It is evident form the reports from the World Bank and other international organizations that 85% of the aid spent by the Afghan government has been appropriate and transparent. On the other hand, foreign aid spent independently by non-government organizations has only been 15% effective.”

The SIGAR report also cited a litany of failed anti-corruption efforts, including the following:

Meanwhile, a member of the committee for oversight and anti-corruption department of Afghanistan Mohammad Yasin Osmani denied the remarks by the report, adding that the Afghan government’s capacity to spend foreign aid has increased.

This comes as the US government has agreed to spend 50% of the foreign aid through the Afghan government.

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