Afghanistan To See A 30% Reduction in Internet Price in Coming Year

by Muhebullah Ibrahimkhail | March 10, 2019 3:28 am

Afghan Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology announced a 30% reduction in internet prices with the start of 1398 solar year.

The announcement was made by Minister Shahzad Aryubi during the inauguration of the job portal “Easy Job”.

Aryubi said the government was in conversation with telecommunication firms to sign an agreement on a 30% decrease in the 3G and 4G internet packages in the coming days.

He added that given the location of Afghanistan a high amount of the internet costs was associated to the feed paid to the neighboring countries for fiber optic transmission.

The Ministry has launched a job portal called “Asan Wazifa[1]” (Easy Job) specifically for the ICT sector.

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