ANA lead veterinary training, treat livestock in Ghorak District

by Wadsam | February 3, 2013 6:40 am

AP I AFG Afghanistan Talking To Taliban[1]GHORAK DISTRICT, Afghanistan – Afghan National Army Special Forces (ANASF) hosted a veterinary outreach event in Ghorak district, Kandahar province, Jan. 31 – Feb. 1. ANASF, district Afghan Local Police and Afghan Uniformed Police members trained approximately 20 villagers and elders in basic veterinary services.

Children, farmers and elders learned to administer vaccinations, give basic veterinary treatments, and identify health issues within their herds.

Local villagers treated over 30 animals in Kapak and approximately 200 animals in Shah Karez. The animals received vitamins, vaccinations and general health checkups.

“This training was invaluable to Ghorak district residents and will help them provide better care for their animals in the future,” said an ANASF team member. “It should serve them well since they depend heavily on livestock for food and income.”

A Kapkak villager was identified as a potential candidate for the district’s Director of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock position.

The training demonstrates the Afghan Government’s commitment to support governance and development efforts in Ghorak district.

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