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Commerce Ministry is responsible for finding market for saffron- Council of Ministers

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Commerce Ministry is responsible for finding market for saffron- Council of Ministers

The Council of Ministers assigned the Ministry of Commerce to find market for saffron productions.

According to newsletter of the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Commerce and Industries is responsible for taking serious steps in expanding the business for saffron.

Ministries of Agriculture and Livestock and Counter Narcotics have made many efforts to make saffron an alternative crop to poppy production.

Their efforts have been effective in several provinces.

The Council of Ministers requires the Ministry of Commerce and Industries to provide technical and vocational trainings to farmers on the cultivation of saffron.

Expanding the production of saffron and distributing modified seeds of this crop are among the main tasks assigned to the Ministry of Commerce.

There has been significant growth and development in the cultivation and yield of saffron in the past decade.

Saffron is a drought resistant crop and grows well in subtropical and areas with mild winters and hot and dry summers.

The spice is of high demand in the world markets and its price is usually higher than other agricultural products.

A number of experts believe that with the improvement of saffron production, the economy would see dramatic changes. The experts say that many provinces of Afghanistan offer the best climate conditions for the growth of this crop.

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  1. Dr Mehdi Barghchi
    Dr Mehdi Barghchi 8 November, 2012, 21:50

    Saffron is a good candidate to help production of high value agricultural product for Afghanistan. Iran is the largest producer of Saffron followed by Spain. Saffron production will be a valuable activity for Afghanistan as it demands high labour input which will help employment situation in the countryside. However, as Saffron will provide higher income than Poppy production, it will compete with Poppy production and due to local circumstances security for Saffron producers may be an issue. Furthermore, there has been massive improvement in breeding and production of Saffron corms (starting material to grow saffron) which are used for plantation. If the production of this valuable crop is to be promoted in the region, it would make sense to benefit from advancements of science and technology in Saffron production rather than simply copy the old ways and methods which are inferior. For example, each plant of Saffron will produce a new plant for the following year and if it is a diseased (virus infection is very common), the yield in the following year will be reduced in quality and quantity. We have the technology to produce thousands of new superior and improved plants from one plant in a few months (virus-free / disease free and genetically improved through micropropagation). So it would be good to get is right from the beginning.

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