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Difficult for Afghan Legislation to Ban Big Budget Wedding

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Difficult for Afghan Legislation to Ban Big Budget Wedding

Afghans, whose annual income do not exceed USD 400, have resumed holding up high wedding costs since the fall of the Taliban in 2011.

As per request of the groom’s family who has to bear the burden of high cost of wedding, Afghanistan’s Ministry of Justice is in the process of drafting legislation to prevent this.

Advisor to the Ministry Mohammad Qasim Hashimzai said, “Ministry of Justice proposed that through limiting the number of invitees, avoiding noisy music and other improper expenses, one can bring order in a wedding.”

He further added that our traditions for a wedding ceremony are no longer Islamic. After the bill is passed and approved, its implementation will have its own challenges. He called on the government should somehow play a part in the wedding ceremony by counting the number of guests and judging the expenses for the wedding.

But, critics say the law is against women’s rights and deems to affair in people’s private affairs.

Meanwhile, Afghan Parliament also opposes the proposed legislation.

Mr. Hashimzai said that after winning the approval of the opponents, the legislation for avoiding burdensome costs of wedding will be put forward.

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  1. Khalid Noor /Lawyer
    Khalid Noor /Lawyer 1 August, 2012, 09:53

    I guess ,it is not difficult for the government of Afghanistan to make a new law against big budgget wedding,if heave tax will be taken from them who expense more than $ 1000 dollars.
    According the new law,if the government of Afghanistan make a high commission from different ministries and national institutions to work under Supreme Court or Ministry of Justice to analyze the wedding cost which is held in luxurries hotels or the communities then they can send the exact report to Revenue Department to implement the tax articles against them to receive tax.

    This method has two positive factors:

    – To reduce big budget wedding and gradually remove the negative custom from the society.
    – To increase the revenue of government of Afghanistan.

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    • wadsam
      wadsam Author 1 August, 2012, 12:42

      hmm.. I see where you are coming from. But, isn’t the government generating revenue already by collecting taxes from these lavish hotels all around Kabul?
      I personally think there is a lot more other issues of Afghanistan that need to be addressed by our MPs than this.

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