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First Global Logistics Ltd- Your Strategic Services Partners

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First Global Logistics Ltd- Your Strategic Services Partners

The First Global Logistics (FGL) is an Afghan private leading Logistics Company based in Kabul, Afghanistan, established in 2009 by a group of young Afghan entrepreneurs who mainly focus on providing the best services in the competitive market to its respected community for national and international clients.

The company’s expertise lies in local freight forwarding, international freight, custom clearance, ware housing and general order supplies provider in Afghanistan on international standards.

Offering superior and cost effective shipping solutions to all around Afghanistan, FGL is the premier provider of transcontinental overseas shipping services by road, air and sea.

FGL boasts an impressive transportation network service, providing highest level of inland transportation services with proactive and effective communication and with best delivery time to the end destination of the respected clients.

Services include:

–          Inland trucking service

–          Custom clearance service

–          Warehousing service

–          Sea freight service

–          Air freight service

–          Delivery of general supplies order from anywhere around the world

The company also offers security escort for non-commercial shipments belonging to NATO, ISAF, U.S. military to any part of Afghanistan, providing a full range of ground transportation services.

 To find out more about FGL, please visit: www.fglkabul.com

 This article is published as part of Wadsam’s advertising service to its client. Wadsam shall not assume any responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained in this article. 

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  1. Alokozai Group
    Alokozai Group 21 November, 2012, 05:11

    Highly unprofessional! I enjoyed getting my news from your website but now I see your website as an advertisement page.


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    • wadsam
      wadsam Author 21 November, 2012, 10:02

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      “Highly unprofessional! I enjoyed getting my news from your website but now I see your website as an advertisement page.”

      Received your comment above on one of the links and thought I should send you an email.

      I thank you for your interest in Wadsam, and I am deeply saddened that our advertising fashion has disappointed you.

      You might be aware that running a website for any purpose has its expenses. Wadsam, despite being a budding online paper, is already faced with high expenses, mainly due to the hosting fee.

      I recently moved Wadsam to a dedicated server which costs more than the revenue generated from the adverts. I will, however, continue running the website, because I am happy that it is serving as a source for business and economics news for so many people out there, and because it allows me to tell the world about the positive aspects of Afghanistan, which are usually overshadowed by our dark politics and conflicts.

      Furthermore, I prefer to advertise our Afghan businesses rather than being affiliated to a political group or party for financing my website. And, it is a mutual benefit for Wadsam and the Afghan business. Wadsam shall continue to remain neutral, hence will only focus on Afghanistan business/economics and Arts and Culture.

      Last but not the least, the article on the logistics company was published at no cost simply for promoting an Afghan company. I would have done the same, if Alokozay were my client.

      Thank you for your comment.

      Best Regards,
      Wadia S.

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