Forex Traders Stage Protest in Kabul

by Wadsam | June 11, 2019 11:13 pm

Forex traders gathered in front of a local forex trading firm in Kabul protesting against the scam reports that have recently surfaced online.

The protestors claimed that Albashir Exchange & MSP was a local forex trading firm in Kabul that took their money and now they are not present to comment about the scam reports.

The scam plan has inflicted millions of dollars of loss, according to Money Exchangers Union.

Forex trading, a virtual currency dealing trading places, started in Afghanistan in 2005 out of thin air and soon expanded among the youth—mostly the uneducated and the low income.

Another local company involved in the scam is Vision Financial Services whose whereabouts is also not known.

“There are rumors that managers of these companies have turned off their cell phones and have closed their main offices. People are very worried and they think that these people have fled,” Ahmad Shah, a businessman in Kandahar, tells Tolo News.

Statistics show that billions of dollars have been taken out of Afghanistan under the pretext of forex trading since 2005.

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