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Gold, fuel up, sugar down in Kabul

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Gold, fuel up, sugar down in Kabul

Prices of gold, gas and petrol have increased and sugar declined during the outgoing week in Kabul, where rates of other daily essentials remained stable, retailers said on Thursday.

Abdul Baseer, a jeweler in the Lecce-i-Maryam neighbourhood, told Pajhwok Afghan News, one gram of Arabian gold surged from 2,250afghanis to 2,300afs and the same amount of Iranian variety jumped from 1,850afs to 1,900afs.

He linked the hike to international market trends.

One litre of petrol went up to 66afs, against last week’s 63 afs, while the same quantity of diesel remained unchanged and was sold at 64afs, said Mohammad Siddique, a filling station worker in the Taimany Square.

Fuel prices hiked up due to the blockade of the snow-hit Salang Pass, a key route linking Kabul with northern provinces, he said.

A gas dealer at Taimany, Abdullah, said a kilogram of liquefied gas was sold for 70afs, against last week’s price of 55afs.

The price of a 50-kilogram bag of Brazilian sugar worked out to 1,780 afs against last week’s 1,850afs,  Food Traders’ Union head Haji Fazl Rahman, said.

However, prices of other consumer essentials remained unchanged as a 50-kg sack of rice stayed stable at 2,500afs, Pakistani flour at 980afs, a 5-kg tin of Spin Ghar ghee at 410afs, a kilo of African black tea at 190afs and the same quantity of Indonesian green tea at 160afs.

But wholesale prices varied from retail rates in some parts of the city. Sher Agha, a shopkeeper in the Baraki locality, sold a 50-kg sack of Pakistani rice at 2,720afs and a 50-kg bag of Brazilian sugar for 2,000afs.

He said the same amount of Pakistani flour cost 1,100afs, a five-kg tin of ghee was 450afs, a kg of African back tea 200afs and the Indonesian green tea was 190afs.

A firewood stall owner in the Qalacha area, Fazal Mohammad, said the price of 560 kg of unpeeled oak was 6,800afs and that of pealed tagged at 6,500afs, similar to last week’s price.

Moneychanger Mohammad Amin Khosti said the buying rate of a US dollar was 49.40afs, while 1,000 Pakistani rupees accounted for 544afs. Last week’s exchange value of the greenback stood at 49.45afs and 1,000 Pakistani rupees at 547afs.

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