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International aid to Afghanistan had no impact on common people’s life

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International aid to Afghanistan had no impact on common people’s life

Despite the influx of billions of aid into Afghanistan, common people have not witnessed any significant changes in their lives since the past decade.

People are still faced with unemployment and lack of access to basic services for the betterment of their lives.

Residents in Kabul and some other provinces say that the aid money has only brought major changes in the bigger cities, while people in remote provinces of the country are yet suffering from unemployment, poverty and lack of life facilities.

A number of residents from different areas claim that roads, bridges and culverts have not been yet built in their areas. Most students are deprived of education and most people lack access to healthy drinking water.

According to some government officials, 80% of the aid is spent through foreign agencies and countries according to their own desires in rebuilding the country.

Afghan economic experts believe that the international aid was not spent in accordance to people’s needs and it failed to take into consideration the priorities of the country.

Meanwhile, officials from the Ministry of Finance acknowledge the issues involved in the aid provided by the world community, yet believe that considerable amount of work has been done in Afghanistan since the establishment of the new government and people’s lives have changed significantly as well.

Advisor to the Ministry Najibullah Manali said that thousands of schools, hospitals, clinics and thousands of kilometers of roads have been built so far all over Afghanistan. He also added that people’s income has improved as well.

Mr. Manalay said that according to the Afghanistan government’s next three-year plan, the country will see a railway line, five international airports, and hundreds of kilometers of roads running through districts and villages.

On the other hand, experts and common people all say in one voice that Afghanistan’s caravan will not reach anywhere unless until corruption, bribery, injustice and mismanagement persist in the country.

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