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Investigation on Former Head of Pashtanay Bank was non-transparent and unjust

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Investigation on Former Head of Pashtanay Bank was non-transparent and unjust

After Hayatullah Dayani, the former head of Pashtanay Bank, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for embezzlement and corruption, his defense lawyer argued that the trial was not fair.

Khalid Ahmad Dayani, brother and deputy attorney to Hayatullah Dayani, called the case a conspiracy against Hayatullah and an effort to justify the bank loans as embezzlement.

Mr. Ahmad Dayani accused the Attorney General for not investigating on the former of head of Pashtanay Bank but rather decided to have a public trial.

“Attempts have been made to make ordinary bank loans appear as embezzlement. There has been no embezzlement in real. We demand the Attorney General to launch a proper investigation of this case and present documents and witnesses. Supreme court and all its other organs should be involved. We have put together our documents and we only want listeners.”

According to Mr. Ahmad Dayani, 31 companies have obtained loans from the bank and currently have their bank guarantees and are operating in Afghanistan. The justice agencies in the country, however, have not done any research and investigation about this.

Mr. Ahmad Dayni added that some of mafia groups in the country are trying to form such conspiracies in an effort to cause troubles to the bank.

Hayatullah Dayani along with his two colleagues was sentenced to 20 years in prison on Wednesday for embezzling about USD 13 million and 743million afs.

Meanwhile, officials from the Attorney General say that Mr. Dayani’s trial was carried out in a transparent manner. Abu Bakr Rafiye, head of High Office of Oversight and Anti-Corruption, said, if Mr. Dayani’s defense lawyer does not agree with the procedure and the decision, he can appeal to in an open court.

Afghanistan’s first private lender bank, Kabul Bank, has also been hit by embezzlement and corruption. Sher Khaan Furnood, one of the borrowers, is currently held in prison.

Afghanistan is one of the countries with the most widespread corruption. Afghans demand the government to take serious actions against corruption and fraud.

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  1. Mohammad
    Mohammad 28 July, 2012, 10:11

    He is only a victim. That cant be happening to a person that truelly loves his country.

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