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Lack of strategic plans- a major challenge facing economic development of Afghanistan

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Lack of strategic plans- a major challenge facing economic development of Afghanistan

A number of well-known officials and university professors met at the Ibn-e-Sina auditorium to discuss the environmental and economic challenges of the country.

Azrakhsh Hafizi, International Affairs Advisor to Chamber of Commerce and Industries, regarded the issue of the withdrawal of coalition forces as a public concern and emphasized that effective investments should take place in the country.

“As the withdrawal of the foreign troops is approaching, the Afghan government must undertake plans that would enhance investment in the country.”

Recently, President Hamid Karzai has signed economic agreements with a number of countries including China and India.

Meanwhile, a number of pundits are concerned about the lack of security in the country and see it as the main hindrance to the execution of the economic agreements signed with foreign countries.

Mr. Hafizi called on state officials to embark on programs that ensure economic stability.

He reflected on the importance of Afghanistan’s natural resources, and added that the state must pay attention to the environmental challenges arising from extraction of natural resources.

He said that if the environmental issues are not addressed, Afghanistan will turn into a “dumpster”.

“Our natural resources are the potential drive force behind the economy. However, due to lack of a proper management, our country remains to be one of the poorest countries in the world.”

He referred to the endemic corruption and lack of implementation of precise programs as the main obstacles to the economic growth of Afghanistan.

“Afghanistan is endowed with priceless minerals; however, due to ‘mafia-ization’ of the projects and embezzlement, the hopes of turning our minerals into revenues are hard to see.”

Meanwhile, Head of private institutions Mahmood Tereshtwal said every Afghan has right to the natural wealth.

“We must ensure that every citizen benefits from the natural wealth, otherwise the nation is betrayed.”

Mr. Tereshtwal further added that everyone has the right to a healthy environment.

The participants stressed on the protection of the environment as Afghanistan is working towards achieving economic developments.

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  1. Hafiz Ahmadi
    Hafiz Ahmadi 9 December, 2012, 06:21

    Very nice articles always done by the wadsam. I would like to congratulate the wadsam staff and appreciate them for working heard.

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    • wadsam
      wadsam Author 9 December, 2012, 09:49

      Thank you, Sir. It is very kind of you. Please continue keeping up with Wadsam and share it with friends and family. God bless!

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  2. Hafiz Ahmadi
    Hafiz Ahmadi 9 December, 2012, 06:22

    Very nice articles always done by the wadsam. I would like to congratulate the wadsam staff and appreciate them for working hard.

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  3. Mirwais Zahid
    Mirwais Zahid 9 December, 2012, 10:48

    I think attracting foreign direct investment(FDI) is an important policy element for Afghanistan to pursue growth and development.

    FDI in the manufacturing sector is particularly favored as it is often regarded as a combination of capital, technology, as well as managerial and marketing skills.

    Most developing countries lack technology capability and FDI can serve to facilitate technology transfer and reduce the technology gap between developing countries and industrial countries.

    one thing should be kept in mind, the incentives for investment should be available on equal terms to all investors, foreign as well as local.

    long years of conflict and insecurity, lack of modern infrastructure and technology, corruption and less skilled labor left the country less developed.

    For elimination of corruption and stabilizing the country, fundamental political measures needs to be taken to reform current administration then more and more people will be interested to invest in Afghanistan.

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