Petroleum Products Testing Labs in Afghanistan

by Wadsam | July 2, 2012 6:08 am

[1]A United Arab Emirates firm called Geo Chem Middle East signed a contract with the Afghan National Standards Authority (ANSA) on the establishment of petroleum products testing laboratories.

As per the contract, the UAE firm would invest USD 10 million over next four years. The labs will be put in place at Hairatan, Heart, Sher Khan, Nimroz and Aqina dry ports to control petroleum products’ quality, according to ANSA deputy director Mujeeb-ul- Rahman Khateer.

The revenue generated from the labs would go to the firm in the first five years of the labs.

The contract requires the firm to handover the labs and the trained Afghan workers to ANSA at the end of the five year period.

ANSA had established two such facilities in Faryab and Balkh provinces, but their capacity has been low.

Concerns had been heard from dealers and customers regarding low quality petroleum products entering into Afghanistan, blaming the government for not paying attention to the problem.

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