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Private Hospitals are not standard- Kabul Residents

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Private Hospitals are not standard- Kabul Residents

A number of Kabul residents have complained that the buildings of many private hospitals are not standard.

Most of these hospitals are built in residential buildings and have caused many problems to the patients their attendants.

Before people had complained about the low-level services at the private hospitals, while this time people have expressed their concerns about the hospital buildings.

The residents say that the corridors and staircases of these hospitals are relatively small, which makes it difficult to carry patients from one room to another.

“Most of these hospitals are not standard. They are built in residential buildings. The rooms and corridors are very small.

“Corridors are narrow. The hospitals lack a proper operation’s room. These hospitals should be researched.”

The residents also complained that some of these hospitals are not hygienic and significant attention should be paid in this regard.

According to the Ministry of Public Health, more than 200 private hospitals are currently active all over Afghanistan, with half of the hospitals running in Kabul City.

Officials from the private hospitals echo the voices of the residents and acknowledge that the buildings are not standard. But, they link this problem to the lack of lands for building standard hospitals.

Dr. Ehsan Wardak, one of the officials at the private hospital of Kabul Asia, called on the government to assist with this issue.

“No one has complained to the municipality and has requested for lands. If lands are distributed to private hospitals, I can assure you that Kabul will witness unparalleled hospitals,” said Dr. Wardak.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Public Health in response to the problems persisting in private hospitals has prepared a new regulation, which will be submitted to the Ministry of Justice after seeking approval from the Council of Ministers.

Spokesperson to the Ministry Dr. Hafizullah Fayaz is hopeful that the regulation would be processed soon by the Ministry of Justice and would be implemented immediately.

Dr. Fayaz said that the regulation has taken into consideration the need for all private hospitals to meet the standards of a health center. In accordance with the new regulation, all private hospitals must be equipped with proper operation’s room and bedrooms, convenient locations for attendants, parking lots and a green area.

Private hospitals have taken the implementation of new regulations seriously; however, the current circumstances of the country make it difficult to successfully execute the regulations.

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    Fred Palmer 5 August, 2012, 12:21

    Oh! It’s really bad news that private hospitals are not standard. I can’t anything this matter but request to the government to take necessary tips this matter.

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