TAP Transmission Line To Be Completed In 3 Years

by Wadsam | November 8, 2018 3:05 pm

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani signed the Memorandum of Understanding for TAP (Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan) transmission line with a Turkish company that will bring 1,000 MW of electricity and $100 million yearly to Afghanistan.

The transmission line stretches 750 km long within Afghanistan: from Torghundi, Herat to Spin Boldak then continuing on to Quetta. 

Çalık Holding, a Turkish company, has agreed to invest $1.6 billion on the project.

Afghanistan and Pakistan will both receive 1000 MW of electricity each from the project. 

Pakistan’s share of electricity (1000 MW) will be transmitted via Afghanistan  through this line, and Afghanistan will receive $100 million annually from Pakistan.

The project will be completed in 3 years.

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