Time for Afghanistan and Pakistan to open new trade avenues

by Wadsam | November 15, 2014 5:20 am

Afghanistan-Pakistan[1]Lahore Chief Minister Munhammad Shahbaz Sharif and Afghan Finance Minister Omar Zakhilwal conferred on promoting bilateral trade and economic cooperation in a meeting on Thursday.

Shahbaz said that it was time for Pakistan and Afghanistan to open new trade avenues and benefit from the existing opportunities to strengthen economic cooperation.

He proposed maximum exchange of delegations between Pakistan and Afghanistan and said mutual contacts should continue on permanent basis.

Minister Zakhilwal, who led the Afghan delegation including Deputy Trade Minister Muzammil Shinwari, Ambassador Afghanistan to Pakistan Janan Musazai and others, said that trade contacts should be promoted between the two nations. And, he invited Chief Minister Shahbaz to visit Kabul.

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