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Two water works in Kabul refurbished, able to supply 1.1 million people

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IMG_4584Today, Afghanistan’s Deputy Minister of Finance and Administration of Urban Development Affairs (MUDA), Hamid Jalil, the Director General of the Afghanistan Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Corporation (AUWSSC), Dad Mohammad Baheer, and representing the German Embassy, Ms. Katharina Schuster, officially inaugurated two newly refurbished water works in Kabul. The utilities received new mains and equipment for their pump stations to connect three overhauled reservoirs to the city’s water supply. The stations in Allaudin and Bagrami will now be able to pump up to 45,000 cubic metres of water from the reservoirs and cover the daily needs of up to 1.1 million people in the capital. The cost of AFN 1.1 billion for the installation and supply of equipment and maintenance of the reservoirs were funded by the German Government through KfW Development Bank.

At the opening ceremony Deputy Minister Jalil said, “Today marks a watershed for Kabul’s citizens, as more people will soon have proper access to clean water. This has both a positive effect on their health and can help with economic prospects and political stability.” The German representative Ms. Schuster underlined that drinking water sector was a priority area for Afghan-German Development Cooperation. “A steady supply of clean drinking water is the backbone of any urban infrastructure and an essential requirement for steady development. The new installations will improve the pumps’ capacity and help many people finally have better access to clean water.”

The refurbishment measures for the two Kabul water works are part of a German-funded programme to support construction of a modern water supply infrastructure. The programme includes an extension plan for Kabul’s water supply. The water works now have new wells and operator houses, pumps, valves, pipelines, mains and water cleaning equipment for their pumping stations. The new technology and equipment will improve their pump capacity to 45,000 cubic metres of water from three recently overhauled reservoirs into the city’s water supply lines. Once the next phase of distribution to houses is complete, households in various quarters of Kabul will be able to apply for water connections.

The water works are run and maintained by AUWSSC through its Kabul business unit. The utility also receives technical assistance from Germany through training for the water works’ employees and organizational capacity building. Germany has also pledged to continue its financial support for improving the drinking water supply in Kabul and several cities in the North with its ongoing grant projects.

 The drinking water supply project for Kabul is part of an aid programme for various cities in Afghanistan. Water supply systems are under construction. Measures also include building wells, pump stations, mains, water tanks and transmission lines. Besides The drinking water sector is a priority area for Afghan-German Development Cooperation, and so far the German Government has funded urban water supply systems via the KfW Development Bank.

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