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US Embassy %5million Aid to Afghan Businesswomen

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US Embassy %5million Aid to Afghan Businesswomen

US Embassy in Kabul announced a USD 5 million (249 million Afs) in aid for economic development of Afghan businesswomen.

The embassy’s coordinating director for Development and Economic Affairs spoke at a news conference about the importance of businesswomen for the overall development of the country. A large number of women support their families. Major companies are requested to cooperate with women looking r jobs .

An Embassy official, Donna Wetlon, also talked about improving the access of with good handicraft skills to the market. He added that they would continue to monitor transparency in development projets in the country.

Women all over the world, in both rich and poor countries, are less likely to be employed than their male counterparts. The majority of the world’s poor are women. The process of liberating women in rich countries was painfully slow in rich countries, and is yet not complete. There are still many institutional barriers that hinder growth, and economic access of women.

Restricting women’s participation in the economy is not merely unfair, but bad economics. It automatically reduces economic growth by essentially hobbling half the potential labor force.

Allowing women to have financial power fosters economic development. Grameen Bank is an evidence of this. Grameen Bank is a poverty-fighting institution initiated in Bangladesh by Mohammad Yunus that has chosen to focus on women. Women are giving access to microfinance loans, who then work hard to pay back those loans. The project worked out more successfully with women than men, since the women made good use of the money and contributed a good portion of the money towards food and childcare and less on alcohol and tobacco.

The old proverb says, man may labor from sun to sun, but a woman’s work is never done. Afghanistan, like the rest of the world, will one day realize the importance of women in the labor force.

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