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USAID/FAIDA Funds to Afghanistan Institute of Banking and Finance

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USAID/FAIDA Funds to Afghanistan Institute of Banking and Finance

Afghanistan Institute of Banking and Finance received a grant amount of 1.2 milliom USD from USAID/FAIDA

The Afghanistan Institute of Banking and Finance (AIBF) is strengthening the financial sector through provision of long and short-term training and capacity building programme to banks and microfinance institutions.

AIBF is also planning to expand its outreach to the provinces to address the needs of financial sector officials at provinces level and intensifying its trainings to meet the needs of senior level banks staff.

On 5th May 2012 USAID through it is Financial Access for Investing in the Development of Afghanistan (FAIDA) has provide a 1.2 Million USD grant for the institute to cover its expenditure during 2012 and 2013.

The grant agreement was celebrated through an official signing ceremony which was chaired by H.E NoorullahDelaweri governor of Da Afghanistan Bank, senior officials from USAID and CEOs of the private banks.

The ceremony was inaugurated by the executive director of AIBF Mr. Maiwand Rohani via stating importance of USAID funding to the institute and the achievements AIBF would make with the grant amount. In addition,the governor of DAB appreciated the US support to Afghanistan and added that the institute will become a center of excellence for the banking sector and will continue to provide quality capacity building opportunities to the banking sector. Similarly, Mr. Joseph Daniel Mooney the chief of party for FAIDA has presented the project achievements till date and proclaimed its long-term commitment for development of the financial sector. the grant agreement included following activities to be achieved during the two year period:

1. Advocacy for learning and change: to encourage the institution for linking career progression and placement decisions with individuals’ learning and improving behavior.

2. Professional mentoring: Provide professional mentoring (on the job coaching and counseling) to the national employees for empowering them to be able to conduct their respective assignments and take on higher responsibilities in a betting manner. It is especially required for positions with decision making responsibilities.

3. Developing position specific certificated trainings in commercial banking, Islamic finance, and microfinance: To develop a sizable number of specialists in varied areas of banking and finance a number of certificated programs are being proposed. The programs are designed to provide necessary academic knowledge and professional skills in an integrated manner.

4. Providing continuing professional development through intensive workshops and seminars: and secondly to diversify the professional horizon thus help in broadening the professional perspective.

5. Collaborating with internationally recognized universities / academic centres of excellence to develop and offer state of the art professional diplomas and academic degrees:

6. Fostering active professional forums, whereby professionals can deliberate on emergent topics; cross fertilize policy recommendations, and above all lead to the creation of professional bodies.

7. Organize conferences on strategic issues such as Islamic Banking, Corporate Governance, Corporate and International Banking, Microfinance, etc.

8. Strengthening of the national faculty and administration capacity of the institute.

9. Establish physical as well as virtual library and research facility at the institute.

Source: CentralBank

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