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USD 111 million Aid to Afghanistan from Japan

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USD 111 million Aid to Afghanistan from Japan

Japan has agreed to provide an aid of worth USD 111 million to Afghanistan for the purpose of various development and construction projects.

The agreement was signed today between Afghanistan’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Jawid Ludin, and Reichiro Takahashi, Japan’s Ambassador to Afghanistan.

22 million of the aid will be allocated towards expanding hangars of the Kabul International Airport. Currently, Kabul airport’s hangar can hold 26 planes, but with the new plan the number will increase to 32 planes, according to Mr. Takahashi’s statement. He also added that at present 16,659 planes land and take off from Kabul airport yearly. The number will boost to 25,000 after the improvement of the highway.

Another 14.2 million will be spent on expanding Bamiyan’s airport highway and constructing its terminal.

A total of 7.5 million dollar will go towards providing tools and equipments to the Computer Science Department of Kabul University.

According to the information from Japan’s Ambassador, there are currently 550 students seeking education in this Department.

“This will be a great investment for the future generations of Afghanistan,” said the Ambassador.

28 million dollars of the aid will be dedicated to the construction and development of Kabul City roads. A 15 Km road will be built in the north of Kabul and another 5 Km road in various other parts of Kabul with the help of this aid.

The Ambassador also said that 7.8 million dollars shall be spent on the irrigation system of agricultural lands in Deh Sabz district of Kabul. With the implementation of this project, irrigation will be provided to 144 hectares of lands in the district and the agricultural production in the district will increase by 15%.

The remaining 31.5 million dollars will be devoted to the protection of economic structures of Afghanistan and fuel procurement.

The aid will be implemented with the support from the Afghan government through Japan International Corporation of Aids (JICA).

Mr. Takahashi said that the aim of the aid is to help stabilize the economy of Afghanistan.

Deputy Foreign Minister expressed his gratitude for Japan’s aid to Afghanistan and said that Japan has been one of the biggest contributors to the development of Afghanistan in the past 10 years. Although Japan faced an economic downturn due to losses caused by the tsunami, they are still committed to supporting Afghanistan.

According to information from Mr. Ludin, Japan’s assistance to Afghanistan has been above USD 4 milliard in addition to the USD 111 million aids.

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