Entrepreneur of the Month: Parwarish Oryakhail

by Wadsam | December 17, 2018 3:07 am

Parwarish Oryakhail is the owner of Pome Agricultural Company, which introduces modern farming system and agricultural practices in Afghanistan along with the introduction of improved varieties of fruits and vegetables.

The modern farming system and agriculture practices help Afghan farming community to have a much better quality and high yield which will help farmers to earn more and invade the markets inside and outside Afghanistan. The high-density plants and improved varieties of fruit trees and vegetable seeds give the farmers a quicker and higher yield by the end of crop period. (Oryakhail’s interview on Startup[1] Compete website)

Pome is the pioneer agricultural company which delivers modern farming systems and agricultural practices.

Oryakhail currently serves as Director of Business Development Services at the Afghanistan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, where she’s also a board member.

She has obtained her master’s degree in botany from Peshawar University and an MBA degree from the American University of Afghanistan.

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