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Some Afghan Proverbs

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Some Afghan Proverbs

Afghans and Proverbs—quite a combo!

Proverbs express the vibrant culture of the people. Afghans are extreme fond of proverbs that deal with friendships, hospitality and the homespun wisdom of family life.

Below are some proverbs that Wad Sam would like to share with you all.

There is a path to the top of even the highest mountain.
Meaning: (a) God is more powerful than the proudest of persons. (b) Where there is a will there is a way.

A tilted load won’t reach its destination.
Meaning: Honesty is the best policy.

It’s the same donkey, but with a new saddle.
Meaning: Clothes do not make the man.
Usage: Said of some one who has recently gained a high position unworthily.

A porcupine speaking to its baby says, ” O my child of velvet.”
Meaning: One’s own child is especially dear for him/her.

Flourish like a flower, but may your life be longer.
Meaning: When one is offered some flowers.

There is a way from heart to heart.
Meaning: Love finds a way to another’s heart.

In an ant colony dew is a flood.
Meaning: A little misfortune means much to one in need.

If there is only bread and onions, still have a happy face.
Meaning: “Be content with such things as you have.”

One who doesn’t appreciate the apple, won’t appreciate the orchard.
Meaning: If we don’t appreciate little things, we won’t appreciate great things.

He ran out from under a leaking roof and sat in the rain. Meaning:Out of the frying pan into the fire.

Only stretch your foot to the length of your blanket.
Meaning: “Cut your coat according to your cloth:” or, don’t overstretch your bounds.

Five fingers are brothers but are not equals.
Meaning: Although people may be related by family or nationality each person nevertheless is different.

A bad wound heals, but a bad word doesn’t.
Meaning: A cruel tongue does more harm than a sharp sword.

If you sit with us, you will get like us; if you sit beside a cooking pot, you will get black.
Meaning: You reflect the company you keep.

Too many butchers spoil the cow.
Meaning: Too many cooks spoil the broth.

Vinegar that is free, is sweeter than honey.
Meaning: People love getting something for nothing.

No one says his own buttermilk is sour.
Meaning: No one advertises his own faults.

Unless God does it, what can a doctor do?
Meaning: If God doesn’t cure a person, a physician can’t; or, man may plant and water, but God must bring the increase.

The sieve says to the strainer, “You have holes.”
Meaning: Used of a guilty person who finds fault with others.

You can’t clap with one hand.
Meaning: (a) It takes two to make a fight.

Don’t be a thief and won’t fear the king.
Meaning:The righteous are as bold as a lion.


Stay tuned for more proverbs!

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