A Town in Italy Is Offering People $10,000 To Move There

by Wadsam | February 3, 2019 9:46 am

A small town in Locana, Italy is offering people €9,000 ($10,290) to move there. However, there are some conditions. 

These include that you must have a child[1] and a salary of at least €6000 ($6860) and you have to commit to living in the Alpine village.

If you move there , your financial reward will be paid in over 3 years. 

The city’s officials have made this offer as town’s population has fallen from over 7000 residents in the early 1900s to less than 1500 today.

Locana’s mayor is mainly hoping to attract young people who are willing to start a business as there are plenty  of closed shops, bars, restaurants, and boutiques that could be re-opened to revitalise the town.

This comes a few days after the news of a town in Sicily selling its houses for one dollar. Like Locana, Sambuca has seen a dip in population as more people move to urban centers. 

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