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Ranking of the 10 biggest banks in 2014

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Ranking of the 10 biggest banks in 2014

bankWith United States put behind the race, this Top Ten gathers the most powerful and influential banks in the world for this year 2014. Discover which bank is ranked at top of the biggest bank in the world.

Malaysian Bank

The first place comes to Malaysian bank. The institution is renowned thanks to its reliable, repute and customer-friendly loan and banking services. More than that, it greatly gets involved in empowering the finance and economy of Malaysia. It is one of the reasons why the country is not developed and the paradise for investors.

Bayerische Landesbank Germany

Coming in the second position is the dominating banks of Germany. It is making the country’s economy strong and powerful. Bayerische Landesbank’s non-performing assets are 0.17 for this year.

Credit Suisse Bank of Switzerland

Credit Suisse arrives on the third position with 0.15 estimated non-performing assets. It is the most reliable and strongest bank in Switzerland. Many multinational companies from all around the world choose to keep their money saved therein.

Oversea Chinese Bank

With estimated non-performing assets of 0.13, China is famous for its banking solutions that even overseas investors rely on. Oversea Chinese Bank managed to empower the country during the past few decades.

Qatar National Bank

Fulfilling their reputation of being super powers, United Arab Emirates and Dubai are also famous thanks to Qatar National Bank. Bank loans and offers are trustworthy. It owns total non-performing assets of 0.11.

Toronto Dominion Bank

On the next position arrives Toronto Dominion Bank with estimated non-performing assets of 0.9. The bank is hundred percent evolved in strengthening the country’s economy and financial situation.

BOC Holdings Hong Kong Bank

Whether for exchanging currency or opening an international account, BOC Holdings Hong Kong Bank is the reference in this term. It is the most recommending bank in Hong Kong with a total of 0.7 non-performing assets.

OP Pohjola Bank

Renowned as being the most powerful bank in Finland, OP Pohjola Bank continues strengthening the nation’s economy. For several years now, it is ranked as a reputable and reliable bank from several institutions. Its total non-performing assets are 0.6.

Nova Scotia Bank of Canada

Enjoying its reputation with the hugest number of clients in the country and worldwide, Nova Scotia is a financial institution located in Canada. It offers a wide range of profits in return as saving accounts. This bank profits from 0.5 non-performing assets.

Imperial Bank of Commerce

Last but not least is the Imperial Bank of Commerce with 0.3 non-performing assets. This is surely the hugest bank in Canada after Nova Scotia Bank of Canada. Millions and even billions of customers (national and international) are saving their wealth in this bank. Even with a huge number of clients, transactions are safer than any other bank in the country.


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